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ESET: What’s the low down?

We all know the risks that come with using the Internet, and we see plenty of businesses using free anti-virus software as a means to protect their teams, so today we’re asking, what are the benefits of  taking out a full  Anti Virus package?

What software do we use?

We’ve used ESET Internet Security for a number of years now, and used properly, found it to be a reliable piece of software which can give your business peace of mind in protecting your machines & data.

Will it slow my PC or Laptop down?

Test labs reported that ESET created a little slowdown during performance tests, but we rarely see any slowing when we’ve tested it in the field. We ran the program while doing normal computer activities including playing games online, watching videos, downloading programs, attaching files to outgoing email messages and surfing the web. We’re so confident in it, we use it on all our own machines.


We know there are a lot of free antivirus software out there, and we know how tempting it can been to believe that because they’ve been okay so far, they shall continue to work. But the Internet baddies are getting smarter, and the hacks more advance. We see it all too frequently – an email sent to an unassuming staff member, who opens it without thinking.

It’s all too easy to lose all your important data – don’t worry, we offer Cloud backup too, but we’ll save that for another day….

If you need more information on how to getting your ESET up and running, please get in touch!

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