Blog Article:

  Is Free AV Enough Protection?

In a short answer, NO!

No it is not enough to protect your vital information. As much as we all love to save a few pennies, cutting corners on your business’ anti-virus is something that you should not do!

Even though some free anti-virus is advertised as top graded security for your desktop, this isn’t always the case. There is a major difference when it comes to free and paid for security. For example:

  • A free anti-virus is usually not licenced for business use which means it could potentially break business rules and regulations and/or even the new GDPR rules as it is not a commercial solution. This could negatively impact on your business, which is a risk that you shouldn’t take.
  • Free anti-virus software doesn’t always offer the option of automatic updates, or requires short-term licenses, which means you could potentially end up behind on major updates. This could then mean you are at risk of your security not being as solid as it should be. Most paid for anti-virus software have automatic updates; you will never have to worry about being unprotected against the latest infections!
  • Another downfall to free security software is that they aren’t always as effective as they say they are. Paid for versions have this amazing skill of detecting new and emerging threats, something that free anti-virus software’s lack in. It is very important to make sure your anti-virus is on ball when it comes to finding threats that could potentially affect your business, as that could make the difference between an infection outbreak or not across your network.
  • If all that information didn’t convince you that you need to pay for the best protection possible, then always remember that customer service is as important too. The difference in the service you pay for can be major. If you have a fault or issue with a free anti-virus then you often don’t have any customer support as they usually say the software comes as it is, since it is free after all. It can be crucial to your business that you get the support you need as quick as you can when it comes to protecting all your precious information. No customer service to fix a major issue can be damaging.

The HFC Systems Way…

We protect our customers using industry-leading ESET Endpoint Protection, which offers the highest level of security but at just the right price point. We can offer it as a managed or self-managed solution – in other words, we can even monitor it for you – and we can grow the license as you grow, being able to add and remove licenses as needed.

If you’d like more information or to discuss our security and protection offerings – as it doesn’t just stop at Anti Virus – then please do get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to help.