Our Services…

Anti Virus

In a world full of cyber attacks and ransom-ware, can you really afford not to protect your devices?


Anti-Virus protection is the major means of defence in keeping your PC’s, Laptop’s, Tablets’s and Smartphone’s free of malicious infections.

Our managed Anti Virus solution – provided by top Anti-Virus vendor ESET – is always hot on the task, detecting both known and zero day (unknown) infections using it’s extensive database and low resource usage scanning engine.

Feeding information back to us about the status of your workforce’s protection, outbreaks of infections or any other issues preventing ESET from functioning means you have total piece of mind your companies devices are protected; where-ever they may located.

Priced on a per device per month basis, it’s incredibly cost effective to put in place and removes the device limit numbers traditional AV’s apply.

IT Security & Protection

From Firewalls to device and user restrictions. We have expertise in making sure your data is safe.


Threats don’t just stop at virus infections.

Whilst you work and sleep, hackers and chancers from around the world are scanning your external network infastructure looking for back doors or vulnerabilites they can exploit to gain access.

We’re able to offer a number of means of protections and monitoring to combat this; ranging from regular external vulnerability scanning, through to monitoring of your Office 365 architecture from suspicious login attempts through to unusual activity – we’ve got your back!

Networking & Management

We’re specialists at looking after customers networks and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


From supplying networking equipment from leading vendors such as Ubiquiti, Cisco and DrayTek, through to monitoring networks and ensuring everythings running smoothly – we can help.

In need of “Guest Wifi” facilities? We can help too!
From segregating network traffic to providing branded CAPTIVE portals, we’ve got a proven track record in getting your customers and guests safely connected, whilst not risking the security of your business data and systems.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a network that doesn’t work, so if you’re having issues – get in touch today.


Hardware Sales and Repairs

We’re suppliers of both branded and bespoke PC’s and Laptop’s, as well as being able to repair most Tech devices.


From Servers to Laptops, Desktop’s to Monitors – even peripherals and consumable ink .

So whether you’re a small office or a large staff-base, we’re able to provide machines and tech solutions to get your staff working efficiently and to help them get the job done.

Anti -Spam

There’s nothing worse than an inbox full of junk emails you haven’t asked for; skip the clutter and focus on the important.


Spam emails are fast becoming one of the biggest time wasters when it comes to sifting through your inbox, but it’s also one of the key ways scammers are engineering sophisticated phishing attacks.

So whether you’re using Office 365 or a standard POP/IMAP email server, we’re able to offer Anti-Spam solutions which will help to prevent you from these attacks and free your inbox back up so you can focus on your business.

Backup Solutions

Local and Cloud based secure, monitored backup solutions to save your business from unexpected data loss.


It’s a known statistic that most companies would fold if they lost all of their company data as a result of either storage drive failure, or a malicious act against the business.

So really there’s no excuse for not having your data backed up.

We recommend Cloud-based backup as the preferred option as this securely and safely backs your data up safely in a data centre – even keeping previous revisions of files if required – but there are times when data needs to remain “in-house”, so we can cater for that too.

Our backup solutions are monitored by our team of Technicians to ensure backups are taking place as expected, and should any issues be detected, you’ll be notified. It saves the presumption out of backing up and ensures your data is there for you if and when you need to get at it.


Landline, VoIP and Broadband

Providing nationwide business-to-business Telecoms, supported by our team of knowledgeable Techs.


Businesses more than ever rely on a good internet connection. Thats why we’re an OFCOM registered ISP and can provide both physical landlines and broadband to businesses nationwide.

With no limiting data useage caps, contracts starting from only 12 months commitment, and a choice of routers and hardware to suit – it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are switching to having their Telecoms looked after by the team they know and trust.

All we need to give you a quote is the address (and phone number if you already have a line) and we can give you a quote, as well as giving you a guide on what sort of speeds we can provide.

Microsoft Office 365

Take your business into the cloud with industry-leading email, document storage and collaboration tools.


Office 365 is common place in businesses today. Regardless of how large or small your business may be, Office 365 makes business email and document storage both cost effective and accessible, whilst making use of industry leading security mechanisms in Microsoft’s Cloud.

There’s even options to get the latest Microsoft Office software for all of your devices should you need it.

We’re able to fully support and manage your Office 365 platform; from initial setup and configuration to deployment and ongoing support and management.

With only monthly commitments and low cost per-user licensing, it really is time to switch your business to a better system.


Carrying around sensitive data on your PC or Laptop’s hard drive? If so, you need the drive encrypting!


Encrypting a drive is the most secure way of ensuring that if someone got hold of it – whether it be through leaving it on a train or from being burgled – it prevents unauthorized access; even with specialist data extraction tools!

But access to the data for yourself is no more difficult than entering a password when the PC boots up.

Offering leading encryption software, we’re able to ensure you data is kept safe using military-grade encryption and the latest algorithyms.


Website Design

Help your business look the part with a fresh, professional website that can grow as your business grows.


Whether you’re after just a simple Internet presence or an e-commerce selling site, we’re able to help.

We can talk you through from initial design to completion. Our designers will listen to what you’d like, come up with some ideas, and create a site that ticks all of the boxes for you.

We can even offer domain names, hosting and multiple email addresses to give your company the professional look it deserves.

If you don’t have a logo, or your just starting up, we’re able to help with your business branding, logo design and get your business launched online, creating a web presence that will get you noticed.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting is cost effective, reliable and fast – why not give your website the home it deserves?


Your website is your virtual presence, so with that you need a reliable place to host it – that’s where our Web Hosting services come in.

Our up-to-date hosting cloud gives you the best of industry leading security, along with fast modern cloud architecture to keep your website online and to load pages quickly.

We even provide basic POP/IMAP email with any hosting package, so you can maintain a professional online presence through your online communications too, using your domain name as part of your email address.


Cloud Servers & Systems

Cloud-based servers for businesses are becoming commonplace, so don’t get left behind – let us help you.


With access to leading UK-based data centre’s, we’re able to plan, migrate and deploy anything from a single virtual machine to a multi-user Remote Desktop environment providing any level of virtual resources.

Using virtual resources removes the reliance and cost of in-house hardware you have to pay to maintain, as the data centre are entirely responsible for that and saves the business from being stuck with out-of-date resources that are left worthless after a couple of years.

Our close links to these data centre’s ensure that our solutions give maximum guaranteed uptime and complete business resilience in case of a disaster.

As you’d expect, our data centre’s are all fully GDPR compliant, as well as various ISO accreditations, keeping your data in the UK and within UK Data Protection laws.