We’re a Stokesley-based IT company offering tech support to businesses both locally and nationwide.

We know you’re busy running your business, don’t need to be bothered with IT, which is why we’re here to help.


    To help customers make the most of IT in their businesses, whilst removing the stress and worry from IT issues. We aim to offer cost effective solutions, which can scale to meet your needs, whilst ensuring the maximum uptime.


    We want to see your IT working for you. Simple. We’ll provide a well-informed, open and transparent service on either an ad-hoc, contracted or retainer basis, ensuring you can get IT support when you need it most.


    Whether you’re a one-man-band or a multi-office nationwide; we’re able to tailor a solution to help. We treat every business as an individual, irrespective of size, and ensure there’s every reason to only love our service and approach.


We know as a business owner, your work never stops, and so we support a number of businesses who don’t necessarily work 9-5 or perhaps are based a distance from our Stokesley offices. We don’t always need to come to you – we have remote and Cloud-based solutions which we can offer your business, so we are able to support your needs in a convenient and timely manner, wherever you may be!

Since 2013, we have grown both our knowledge base and the range of products we can offer, to suit the needs of small to medium businesses – identifying the need for good, quality IT Support for small businesses.

One man band? We know you probably don’t need a support contract with us, you may not ever have considered your business IT, however, you might be surprised in what we can offer to enable to you streamline your business and move it forward. We don’t oversell, we won’t tell you that you need something that you don’t – however there are a lot of products and services which are available which may really benefit and protect your business.

We offer a full portfolio of products from new PCs and laptops to landlines and broadband, web design to full network systems and support, with support offered on both on an adhoc basis, and as support contract, offering you full confidence in having the technical support when you need it.

We’d love to come and have a chat with you and find out! Whether it’s the basics, like new PCs or antivirus, or moving your office to the next step, with networking and remote desktops. We promise not to speak geek to you – just an honest chat about services which can help your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

“Whatever your business needs, we promise to offer you fair and honest advice on products and services which we genuinely believe could benefit your business.”


    We’ll never let you down. If we say we’ll be there; we will.


    We offer value for money and value in service, always.


    We’re renowned for our high levels of support and dependability.


    Give your business IT the stability it needs to keep your business moving.



These values give us the foundations we need.


Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us to look after your IT, support your staff and systems, as well as advise you on backend items such as backup, security and infrastructure.
  • Quick response

    You’ll be amazed at just how quickly we can solve many issues, using our remote support systems and knowledgeable Technicians.

  • Experienced

    Our Technicians have the knowledge and vendor backing to ensure we can deliver on supporting your business using best practices.

  • No geek speak here

    We believe it’s important you understand any problem and can learn from mistakes, so we make sure our Technicians explain in plain English.

  • Business savvy

    From Cyber Security to Disaster Recovery; we know from experience the topics that concern a business most.

  • One Stop Shop

    From purchasing hardware to providing internet connectivity and communication systems; we can help with it all.

  • We Care!

    We care about IT issues and we’ll do our absolute utmost to solve any problems and keep you up and running.


It’s a refreshing change to deal with an IT provider who is pro-active in their approach and always there to assist with those unexpected issues that creep up.
We know our systems are in safe hands!


HFC are always there for us when we need them. Nothings every to much of an issue and they make sure they explain everything in a way we can understand.
We couldn’t recommend them any more highly.



Please complete the form below and one of our Technicians will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and advise how we can help you.

  • Choose Your Services

    If we’re the right fit, we’ll work to create an IT service agreement that works best for your business.

  • Let’s Talk

    We’ll chat about your business, how you use technology, and what you want to get out of IT.

  • Hit The Ground Running

    Within days we can have you onboarded and have us start providing the support you need.